About us

What is Housingueen.com?

HousingQueen.com is a growing online real estate property portal committed towards helping users make wise and profitable decisions regarding buying, selling, renting and leasing of properties in India. HousingQueen.com provides fresh approach to its users to search for properties to buy and/or rent and lists their properties for selling and/or leasing.

Why the name HousingQueen.com?

There are numerous property portals in India, wherein they are unable to cater to the needs of smaller cities. So, we have decided to concentrate and occupy this space. We ourselves wanted to conquer every town and city of India. That’s the reason we have selected “ HousingQueen “ as the name of our website.

What do we promise?

HousingQueen.com promises to be the most preferred way of finding your dream property and is committed to help you make a wiser property decision as a buyer or a seller. Over a period of time, we want our esteemed users to acknowledge HousingQueen.com as an "expert friend" that can help them make one of their biggest and most important decisions in life in a sharper, faster and easier way.

How is HousingQueen.com different?

An expert friend

HousingQueen.com is an expert friend, who helps the user make wise property decisions. Once the users start using HousingQueen.com, they will acknowledge it as a much better way to search for and advertise properties, not only in comparison to other online websites, but also when compared to the traditional print classifieds.

Easy to use

Three fundamental pillars for HousingQueen.com are user experience, product and analytics. HousingQueen.com has been designed keeping the users at the center stage. We do not overload the users with all the information that exists. We have incorporated advanced search functionalities, which help you find the information that you need in a non-intrusive manner and in the least possible time.

Visually appealing

HousingQueen.com has taken great pains to conduct usability studies and we strongly believe that we appeal to the users of all ages, across geographies. We have incorporated a number of design elements that will surprise you, once you start using our services.

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