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HousingQueen provides a simple yet intuitive platform where society member can SHARE their thoughts, Give opinion via Meetings,get Notices, Events update, Broadcast Email/SMS and many more.


Participate in online forums Find Vendors and Neighbourhood Services Book Common Facilities Share Photos Of Celebrations Lodge Complaints / Work request Online Pay Society Dues Using Credit / Debit Cards


Automate Maintainence Billing Send SMS Notices & Due Reminders Manage Complaints through Helpdesk Generate Revenue and Track Assets view Online Reports

Staff Management

Automate Maintainence Billing Send SMS Notices & Due Reminders Manage Complaints through Helpdesk Generate Revenue and Track Assets view Online Reports

Data Management

Automate Maintainence Billing Send SMS Notices & Due Reminders Manage Complaints through Helpdesk Generate Revenue and Track Assets view Online Reports

One of India's leading online platforms to cater to the real estate market, HousingQueen.com has a pan India listing of properties for sale, purchase and rent, spanning 50 plus cities. Catering primarily to real estate developers, builders and brokers, HousingQueen.com uses property listings, builders' and brokers' branding and visibility through microsites, home page links and banners to bring together and connect builders, brokers, dealers and interested buyers/sellers.

The key for the business is to stay a step ahead of intense competition in the market from national and local players as well as wider vertical product-selling sites. We are dedicated to meeting all aspects of consumers’ needs around their home through property search, apartment management and vendor management.

In all progressive neighborhoods, Apartment Owners Associations, or Housing Societies, or Resident Welfare Associations act as a strong anchor. Unlike most other countries, Apartment Owners Associations in India are well-organized, regulated by state laws, with greater financial responsibility and administrative involvement in the neighborhood welfare.

HousingQueen serves the Neighbourhood in two significant ways:

  • Enable the Residents discover and engage in their Neighbourhood.
  • Enable the Association/Society to administrate and lead their Neighbourhood.
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Most comprehensive Apartment Management software - a One-stop Portal for Owners, Tenants & Management Office. Brings Professionalism and Transparency to running of the Association. Brings continuity and stability in the processes / systems, irrespective of the changes in Association Office. All you need is a PC & a Browser, Association does not have to bother about Software or Hosting Infrastructure. Each Association is interconnected with other Associations on the HousingQueen Network - contributing and utilizing Best Practices.

HousingQueen Advantage

  • Bring Housing Society Management to the Smart Phone Generation
  • Bring integrated solutions for Facility Management Staff Attendance Tracking through Bio-metric Readers
  • Introduce Auto-Reconciliation with bank account, PDF Vouchers, Income-Expenditure Statements, Receipt-Payment Statements online any time
  • Introduce Automated Scheduled Reporting
  • Offer E-Acceptance of Bye-laws
  • Offer Complaint Auto-Escalation with Staff Working Hours
  • Introduce Meeting Management with E-mail/SMS reminders
  • Offer Billing of Metered Utilities such as water meters, piped gas etc.
  • Provide Secure Photo Gallery with ability to upload 100+ photos at a time
  • Offer communication tools such as Community Wiki, Survey among others such as smart mailing lists

Why Choose Us Key Features

Data Management
  • Gateway to your Housing Society on the internet

    Get a landing page for your Society online. Provides online presence for your Society

  • Owners / Residents Directory for your Society

    Directory of Owners, Residents, Flats - Maintain information that makes reaching out to each other much easier

  • Committee Members

    Maintain list of office bearers, committee members and easily reach out to them

  • User Management

    Manage User Accounts of Owners, Tenants, Staff

Billing & Accounting
  • Accounting, General Ledger and Sub-Ledgers

    The complete Accounting Software for Housing Societies and Apartment Complexes

  • Income and Maintenance Charge Tracking

    Treasurers can now relax - Track maintenance charges, other member income and non-member income easily!

  • Expense Tracking

    Plan the budget and provide transparency to society expenses

  • Bank and Petty Cash Accounts

    Track Bank Account & Petty Cash Balances, reconcile every transaction effortlessly.

  • Late Payment Penalty Calculation

    Countless number of late payment penalty charge calculations supported

  • Reminders

    Send Email/SMS alerts to selected members at periodic intervals in future

  • Metered Billing

    Configure Metered Utilities such as Piped Gas, Water, Electricity etc., track meter readings, generate monthly invoices

  • Financial Reports

    Get over 100+ reports on click of a button - download in CSV/Excel formats

Community & Collaboration
  • Community Wiki

    A central place for your housing society's content

  • Conduct Detailed Meeting Among Apartment Members

    Collect Detailed Feedback, Opinions for any aspect of the society

  • Notice Board

    Post notices online and reaches everyone

  • Housing Society Photo & Video Gallery

    Securely Share Photos & videos of Community Events with in the Society

  • Group Tasks Management

    Create special interest Groups with a dedicated mailing list

  • Document Repository

    Online document storage for your complex

  • Secure inbox

    Secure Personal Inbox - to send/receive/store community related messages

  • Contact List

    Maintain list of useful contacts for everyone in the society

Facility Management
  • Conduct Society Meetings in an Organized Way

    Make your Society an efficient, professional organization!

  • Assets Tracking

    Single register for all Assets in a complex and their service history

  • Inventory Tracking

    Track all inventory in a complex

  • Visitor Tracking

    A central record keeping system to track Visitors to your Society

  • Staff Management

    Directory of Maintenance Staff working in your complex

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Get your society online for free. Take advantage of technology in society management, socialize, accounting and bill collection. Meet people you live with, manage events, form local groups and many other exciting features. Housing society accounting module is free for housing societies.

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